Odeabank preferred IBM products and the specialization of 32Bit

Odeabank preferred IBM WebSphere MQ product and Reuters TOF Integrator & Bloomberg Deal Integrator adapters and the specialization of 32Bit for the integration between MUREX platform and core banking system.

Odeabank is a joint stock company established on March 15, 2012. An application was submitted to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency on June 20, 2012 for the operational license, which was granted on October 2nd, 2012. Bank Audi is a regional group with a universal banking profile. The Bank offers universal financial products and services including Corporate, Commercial, Individual, Investment and Private Banking services.

IBM® MQ is robust messaging middleware that simplifies and accelerates the integration of diverse applications and business data across multiple platforms. IBM MQ facilitates the assured, secure and reliable exchange of information between applications, systems, services and file by sending and receiving message data via messaging queues, thereby simplifying the creation and maintenance of business applications. It delivers Universal Messaging with a broad set of offerings to meet enterprise-wide messaging needs, as well as connectivity for the internet of things and mobile devices.

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IBM MQ is a part of the WebSphere Core Product Group for which 32Bit has 12 technical and 3 sales certificates.
32Bit Reuters TOF Integrator provides integration of back office systems with Foreign Exchange – FX transactions via Thomson Reuters Dealing. Application also is enabling to operate transaction over platforms with Ticket Output Feed (TOF) as TradeSTP, RTNS and so on.
32Bit Bloomberg Deal Integrator provides integration of back office systems with Foreign Exchange – FX transactions via Bloomberg FX GO. Records of completed FX transactions are downloaded via FTP website ensured by Bloomberg and transferred to customer’s system.