IBM Instana

IBM Instana is an Enterprise Observability Platform that removes complexity by correlating more than 250 signals from your applications and IT infrastructure in real-time.

IBM Instana produces actionable outputs to help optimize the performance of your applications, and your software development processes. In case of any service disruption, Instana enables IT and DevOps teams to instantly identify the root cause of the impact on the end-user.



Observe your dynamic environments continuously with 1-second metrics, record all changes and monitor them with automatic feedback.


Logically groups components, services, and requests to easily visualize high-importance services. Instana constantly organizes the collected data and transforms it into context models.

Intelligent Action

Apply machine learning algorithms to find (trigger) anomalies in metrics. Use reverse engineering algorithms to find out anomaly-related events in the background, then find the root cause and sort them by time and relevance.

Cloud, On-Premise & More

Instana works wherever your applications reside – public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premises, IBM Z®, and more.

Intelligent Observability

Instana’s sensors automatically collect configurations, changes, metrics, and events without human intervention.

Dynamic Dashboard & Charts

Instana visualizes the data you need in form of dynamic dashboards and charts.

Usage Cases

Application Performance Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Cloud & Infrastructure Monitoring

Microservices Monitoring