Inviso is a field data collection app that lets you build, manage, and dispatch your own forms that are used by your field workforce. With Inviso, your field team can collect data on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

You can easily create your forms by Inviso’s drag & drop form builder, and quickly dispatch them to your field team. On their mobile devices, your field team can collect data on site, and share them with you instantly


Make sure that your data is accurate and reliable!


Flexible & Custom Forms

Build, dispatch and manage your forms that have different requirements from a single app. Customize your forms according to your changing needs. Add validations to the form fields to ensure that your forms are filled accurately without any missing data.

Offline Mode

Never lose your work with Inviso’s offline capability. In situation where there is no internet connection, save your form and send it whenever you have an internet access.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor all the tasks in the field in real time, add new tasks to your field force, assign a current task to a different employee, or suspend a task Monitor the real-time performance of your field force; see where, when and which tasks they perform.

Data Visualization & Data Mining

Store raw form data to convert them into knowledge by mining; plan and forecast more accurately! Analyze the collected data easily and take faster actions with visual graphs and charts.

Seamless Integration

Inviso provides you a smooth data flow from Inviso to your CRM, ERP and any other tools that you use in your firm. It is a flexible tool that can be adjusted to your needs.

Smart Reports

Upload your custom report templates to Inviso, then automatically generate your reports with the collected data at the speed of light.

Barcode, Photo & Video

Scan barcodes and QR Codes; make sure that everything is on track. Enrich your forms with photos and videos.

Geotagged & Time-Stamped Forms

Ensure that your field team fills their forms on site and on time indeed.