Automation Anywhere RPA

Automate your repetitive and mundane tasks with the world’s leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, Automation Anywhere.


Digital Workforce

Robots mimic human actions including using mouse and keyboard, logging in and out, copying and pasting data, and more.

GUI Level Integration

RPA usually works on GUI level, providing integration between different applications easily.

24/7 Available

Robots work non-stop to complete assigned tasks.

No Code Development

Build your bots with the Automation Anywhere’s simple drag&drop interface or record your actions on the computer to train them.

Zero Error

Once you train bots, they work with zero error rate. They don’t get distracted or make fat-finger errors.

Advanced Monitoring

Monitor your bots’ performance, follow which tasks are in the queue, which ones are completed, or see if there is any task that failed.

Discovery Bot

Automatically discover and document processes that are candidates for RPA.

Bot Store

Using Automation Anywhere Bot Store, access to hundreds of pre-built automation and plug-and-play integrations to speed up your RPA journey.

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RPA Candidate Tasks

High Volume Tasks

Repetitive Tasks

Manual Data Entry

Integration with Multiple Systems

Rule-Based Tasks

Usage Cases

Finance & Accounting
Invoice processing
Bank reconciliation
Financial reporting
Human Resources
On/off-boarding processes
Offer Letters
Employee data management
Payroll management
Performance reports
FTP management
Automatic installations
Monitoring and alarm generation
Data migration
Supply Chain & Logistics
Inventory management
Shipment planning
Invoice verification
B2B portal integrations