IBM Process Mining

Most companies are suffering from deciding where to start to automate their processes. To overcome this challenge, IBM Process Mining provides automated process discovery from real work done by employees.

With IBM Process Mining, you can discover how your processes actually work (as-is), and analyze their KPIs. IBM Process Mining transforms event logs into visual process flows automatically, identifies bottlenecks and pinpoint where process improvement and automation should be applied.


Process Discovery

IBM Process Mining transforms event logs collected from enterprise applications (SAP, Salesforce, IBM BAW, etc.) into process flows automatically.

Task Mining

Discover, monitor, and analyze users’ actions on their computers to understand what tasks can be automated using RPA.

Business Rules Discovery

Detect business rules and logic. Uncover the hidden decision rules with automated rule mining.

Ease of Use

IBM Process Mining’s simple and user-friendly GUI minimizes the time and effort spent on process analyzes. Visualized dashboards and process flows help you see the patterns easily.

Advanced Analysis

Use different views such as frequency, duration, cost, compliance, and conformance to conduct a deep analysis of the processes.

Critical Resource Analysis

See the relations between employees, departments, and roles. Identify the key resources for your business.