IBM Operational Decision Manager

IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is a comprehensive decision automation platform that helps you capture, model, analyze, automate and manage rule-based decisions.

With IBM ODM‘s user-friendly interface, rules are easy to write and change. The determined rules are executed in real time, in accordance with company policies and regulations.


Ease of Use

Create your rules simply using natural speaking language or ODM’s simple GUI.

Decision Modeling

Model your decisions visually, and set their inputs and outputs.


Simulate different rules and scenarios to understand their effects on your business and KPIs.

Decision Tests

Test your rules and validate business logic before running them on production.

Version Management

IBM ODM creates archived versions of rules after each modification. You can access the history of modifications and restore a previous version.

Team Work

Create, edit, and update your business rules collaboratively. Share your rules and create joint workspaces with your colleagues.