IBM MQ is an enterprise-grade messaging and queuing middleware that provides secure data transfer between applications.

As data moves as messages between applications and systems, it can be lost, or duplicated for various reasons such as service interruptions or unreadiness of an application.

Duplicate or undelivered messages cost institutions time, money and prestige.

To avoid such problems, IBM MQ keeps the undeliverable messages in a special queue until the receiving system is ready, and securely delivers them to the receiver when it becomes operational again.


Asynchronous Messaging

IBM MQ is placed between two or more applications, so they are not communicating directly. Even the receiving application is not available at the time the sender application sends a message, the message is never lost. IBM MQ puts the messages in a queue until the receiving application is available.


IBM MQ provides exactly-once-delivery of messages, proving to be the best in class MQ solution in the market.

High-Level Security

IBM MQ provides end-to-end encryption and authentication to protect data at rest, in-flight and in-memory. IBM MQ keeps data safe via TLS secured communications.